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The Beginning Of The World

This is the BEGINNING of the World;
The "LIGHT" of understanding is WITHIN:
ARISE to the thoughts ABOVE the shadow of the clouds:
The SUN shall warm the EARTH and give it knowledge:
NEWNESS expands its energy to reveal the RAINBOWS in the sky:
This IS the beginning of the world:


The worst part of the teaching of death ....is the misunderstanding that we get from it. God really is amazing tho....because the only way to see HIM is to look beyond the fleshly world he created (our bodies are part of the creation... truly ... part of the earth). What better way to make a statement than to show us that the FLESH is not eternal...it DIES! Every time we see a loved one in a casket..we have to face the fact that there has to be something beyond the flesh....or life was created in vain.

We must face the true reality.

Like the statement of the SEED...once again...a clear way that God shows us...just because we cannot SEE the LIFE within the seed...it doesn't mean that it is not there!!! Once the life of the seed reaches its fullness...in the right conditions....LIFE emerges from that seed...as it springs forth with living wonder!!!! THEN...what happens to it's shell? WHY...it is not needed any longer and absorbed by the earth. It only served to HOUSE...that precious life within it!
Such is... with our physical bodies!!! To think for one minute that it is the TRUE us...is our real ILLUSION!!! That is when we will truly feel the sting of death. WE are NOT our physical bodies! Our outer shell is merely a vehicle to serve our thoughts. Our thoughts prove to us who we really are. They are made manifest in the world. Our bodies carry out the mission of our thoughts.

GOD knows our thoughts...as he is of the ultimate thought world. His thought...is what created the world and everything around it! It was all created ...AS AN IMAGE...for US to see...to his thoughts which were made manifest to US. The thoughts behind his creation..are to be understood by US for us to truly KNOW him.

There is a promise of life for each in each and every one of us....a potential which can only be nurtured by God through Christ ( the anointed one) within us....the living truth!

Sorrow...brings us to our knees. People dread sorrow ...but through sorrow and pain...we come to realize the strength of God. We come to know there IS a life beyond the grave...and IT IS ETERNAL!!!

by Vikki Ebbeling - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

A Mother's Love

Oh.....precious little one of mine.........
You embrace my heart with a love so divine:

MY life began the day "YOU" were born.....
The HALO I see only GOD could adorn:

A "GIFT" in which I could NEVER have EARNED...
A wonder from heaven....to be one day returned:

It was "I" who was given this "LIFE" from above...
A tiny soul...to be guided with PATIENCE and LOVE

One day at a time will the future unfold....
For now.....YOU were given to ME to behold:

To nurture the SEEDS of LIFE from within...
Til your sweet soul returns up ABOVE once again.

by Vikki Ebbeling - All Rights Reserved

 From "WHERE" my little one
did you really come?

Are you a "CHERUB" from above?
A golden ray of "SUN"?

A tiny bundle soft and warm,
With a precious little grin.

A twinkle in those

and a tiny little chin.
Seems I have always known you,

and who you really are.
In your crystal eyes I see,

You were meant to be

A message from above.
How else would we EVER know,


by Vikki Ebbeling all rights reserved 2005

A Note to Stephen Hawking - Please click here

Happy Thoughts...and....Sunny Days!