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About our Silicone Dolls

The silicone babies come from molds made from my original SCULPTED babies. I sculpt each and every baby in polymer clay ... with NO molds of any kind. Then...the sculpted clay baby is transformed into one of the most realistic mediums known to the doll making world "SOLID PLATINUM SILICONE"! We are a TEAM!!!:

My husband "Sid Ebbeling" is my personal silicone artist! He is a Master Silicone mold maker who has been casting silicone dolls for over two years now. Sid is a perfectionist and painstakingly catches EVERY detail from my original clay sculpture's with exceptional accuracy. Each mold is individually made by hand. The silicone used is of MEDICAL quality. It is durable, soft, flexible, and like REAL baby skin. The coloring is magnificent! He has developed many realistic skin tones.

He is highly skilled and works each baby one at a time. NO assembly line can capture what this mold maker can do. Each baby is completed ONE AT A TIME. We do very limited editions of the most beautiful realistic babies.....which are being enjoyed by collectors all around the world. Once our baby is removed from the mold... it is given over to me for completion. I paint the details, veining, and blotching the skin for the most realistic look possible. This is done in many layers and reguires much time and patience. Each layer is allowed to cure thoroughly.

Each cloth body is designed by me. They are of high quality... are fully jointed and fit each baby to perfection. The hair and eyes I use to complete each baby are also of the BEST of quality. MOST importantly, "I do ALL my own finish work"!!! The doll you are getting is totally completed by my own hands. I feel strongly that each collector should get a doll painted, hair..handrooted, eyes set, and body made by me...the true artist of this creation. Once I assemble each baby... NO detail is overlooked.

Every fingernail and toenail is manicured and buffed. I shampoo and condition each baby's hair to give a wonderful baby smell to it and each washable part is bathed in baby soap to remove any residue left from the paint. In turn....you get a truly LIFELIKE baby to love, enjoy, and someday ... pass on the next generation of DOLL-lovers in your family. Our babies are made with much love...and we enjoy working together as a husband and wife team to bring you our perfect creation from the HEART!

About my O.O.A.K. dolls:

Prosculpt polymer clay is made of PVC and plasticizer. It is a durable clay with natural coloring which was especially made to sculpt art dolls.

I sculpt each clay piece capturing every detail of my desire.....no detail is overlooked. I use an armature (like bones) on the inside of each piece for added strength. The pieces are then oven cured and painted with high quality paints.

The end result is the completion of a "ONE OF A KIND" masterpiece! The ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! These babies made of polymer clay ....are as unique as an individual child. NO two are EVER the same.