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Before ordering, please read carefully!

Some of the babies shown are prototypes.  They are pictured here to show you what the baby COULD look like.  Each baby is CUSTOM made just for you--as you order.  You can change the color of the hair, eyes and skin tone to YOUR specifications!  Contact me for estimated delivery date.     Outfits may vary.

Click here for an example!

About our Layaway Plans

Layaways are always accepted;

My layaway plans are very simple.  I require a $400.00 deposit
(nonrefundable) to start the doll. I usually cast and paint the
doll within 24 hours of the deposit given.

You can have a layaway for up to one year. It is a "pay as much or as little as you like" each month (as long as you pay something) policy. ...BUT...the layaway must be paid in full by "one year" from the date of the deposit or you will loose whatever funds you have put into the layaway. If you need more time...simply let me know and we can perhaps work something out. If you should decide that you can pay your layaway up sooner than you thought, please let me know so we can work out the details.  I will still need time to finish your doll since you have decided to pay earlier than expected.  I am very easy to work with. I like good communication...and I am sure  you do too.

Any one who cancels a doll order will be charged a
$200.00 restocking fee.

I am firm on this.