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The "LIVING" Letter

What if you wrote a letter to a friend and that friend took your letter and tried to examine what kind of ink you wrote it in? What if this person tried to analyze the paper you wrote it on...and NEVER read your letter?

Wouldn't the whole purpose for you writing this letter be to convey your thoughts to your friend? How could you relay the message you intended to share to your friend... if your letter was NEVER read? How would your thoughts be understood?  How would your friend ever really know you ?

Is there truly a VOICE in a letter from a friend?

Is there truly a VOICE in CREATION?

The "LIVING LETTER" Is a letter written by the universal creator himself. This letter was written to us so that WE as intellects would understand his thoughts... they dwell among US!!!  It MUST be read by "US"!  AN effort must be made in order to do this.  Out of ALL of creation... the creator's whole focal point is on Mankind. He is the intellect  which was chosen to converse with the CREATOR himself.

The EGO of man... causes him to look only at the physical aspects of himself and his surroundings (as in the examining of the ink and paper... and not reading the letter) which interferes with  WHO he really is and why he exists.

It is the VOICE from the unimaginable universal genius that brought into being the order of our world and entire universe.

The unimaginable power and capability of the UNIVERSAL creator that created our physics  and formed all the things in our world... can bring into existence a "LIFE" within US that is of the ULTIMATE reality. This LIFE is the "LIGHT "of the WORLD... which is perfect understanding of the LIVING letter that dwells among us! Hidden within the very creation are the thoughts of the UNIVERSAL CREATOR himself... written as a LIVING LETTER to all who wish to read it!

It IS the TRUE pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...the hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea... the straw which has been spun into gold... the diamond in the rough... the needle "found" in the haystack... the fountain of youth!!!!!

Happy Thoughts and Sunny Days!