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My name is Vikki Ebbeling.  I was born and raised in NEW ENGLAND.  I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have always been a lover of the ART world.

I have been sculpting with polymer clay for about 12 years and I am able to apply my artistic ability with expression and a realism representing the true beauty of a most precious gift... a child.  I am the original artist of the "EARTH ANGEL Babies" who are born here at the  HEAVENS "LIGHT" NURSERY.

I sculpt ONE OF A KIND babies with NO molds what-so-ever.  As the spirit moves me... each baby begins to unfold in my hands and becomes as unique as a real child. LIKE A REAL CHILD EACH BABY CREATED IS THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD... ONLY SELECTED babies will be made into SILICONE limited editions.  I will state the limit on each series.  They are signed by ME on the back of the neck... the original artist of EARTH ANGEL'S by HEAVENS "LIGHT" NURSERY. They are all numbered, registered and each baby holds a copyright.  They have BIRTH AND ADOPTION PAPERS and a certificate of AUTHENTICITY.  ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE BABIES ARE COLLECTIBLES AND SHOULD BE TREATED... "WITH CARE"... THEY ARE NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.  Each baby is created with MUCH creative thought and is given a name which expresses a true meaning in life.

"HEAVENS LIGHT"... also has meaning to me.  Light is the source of all "LIFE". There is only ONE sun to give light... warmth... and life to all of creation... without it... nothing would exist. I believe that the sun is a representation meant to be interpreted that
there is ONE eternal creator that can give US life!
The SUN represents the CREATOR himself!