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Meet little Miss "Victoria Lynn" named after my grandmother. She is a solid platinum silicone preemie baby and is just as cuddly as can be. She is our tiniest silicone baby so far, weighing in at about 1 pound 8. oz. and is around 12 inches long (bent up legs).Every detail was captured with this little one! She has a realistic preemie look with lots of creases. She is painted with light veining and little bruises here and there.  I have hand rooted her hair with premium quality mohair. Every fingernail and toenail has been painted with "barely there" white tips. She has a custom made "Angel Soft" body designed,signed and numbered by me. Victoria Lynn comes with her little tummy plate so you can have fun posing her with her tummy showing. Her FULL legs are jointed right into the body so you can show her off in little frilly dresses and diaper covers. She can actually wear a REAL micro preemie pamper !!! Her arms are 3/4 and are jointed with a sleeve cap for easy moving. She can also be created as a BOY!
Her edition size is 30 worldwide.  Adoption fee is $695.00 (layaways available)
Also available as part of my Ashton Drake collection:
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Victoria Lynn
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Daniel is a precious little 14 inch preemie baby boy (anatomically correct tummy plate) made from "'solid platinum silicone". He is  "Victoria Lynn's" twin brother!!!
He wears "real" micro preemie clothing and diapers. He is able to take a pacifier in his open mouth. He has set-in blue gray eyes ( custom colors welcomed)... and  hand-rooted imported premium mohair. His body is made of "Angel Soft" suede cloth with  my logo "Earth Angel" embroidered on his side and is dated and hand-signed on his little bottom end. He has fully jointed arms and full legs with no cloth sleeve....so you can show off his chubby rolls without any cloth showing. I pay close attention to weighting  him properly  and filling his  body with tiny glass beads and premium quality fiberfil for extra cuddlyness. You can choose hair, skin tone, and eye color.
His little clothes are all custom made by "EARTH ANGEL CREATIONS" (outfits will vary)
Only 15 worldwide.
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